Service and Quality

"We distinguish ourselves in a commodity-based business by offering exceptional service and quality."

Manitoba Corporation is dedicated to providing outstanding service to our customers and vendors alike.

We operate a company aircraft that allows us to periodically visit our customers and suppliers to keep up to date on their requirements, and to be responsive to their needs.

We maintain a fleet of trucks, and also have numerous common carriers at our disposal to both pick up and deliver our products.

Manitoba Corporation was one of the first companies in the recycling industry to develop a quality manual, along with personnel who are dedicated to producing quality products.

Exceptional Value Added Services

On the recycling side
We take mixed unprocessed scrap metal and remove contaminants so that it can be effectively recycled.

On the primary metals side
We prepare and package items such as cathode and rod by reducing the size and making these products suitable for remelting or dissolving.

Packaging Division

Our packaging division can reduce bulk shipments of metals into easy to handle smaller packages.

We package flake, chops, shot, powder... read more.

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Why do business with Manitoba?

  • Outstanding reputation in the industry
  • Strong financial position
  • Excellent track record established over 90 years
  • Conservative management practices
  • Facilities documented environmentally clean; successfully passed environmental audits
  • Quality systems in place; ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • Extensive recycling experience
  • We operate our own aircraft; provides mobility to better serve customers and suppliers
  • The use of hedging allows us to buy and sell metals regardless of market fluctuations