Manitoba Corporation has carved out a unique niche in the world of recycling. We are a major processor of any and all types of non-ferrous scrap metals.

We operate chopping lines, shears, wire burning incinerators, briquettors, balers, a small arms ammunition popping oven, as well as considerable additional equipment to prepare and process metals.

Our job is to clean, sort, segregate, remove contamination such as insulation on wire, and produce a clean, known, identifiable alloy that can be easily re-melted and recycled to make new products.

Our team of competent and knowledgeable professionals assures our customers and vendors that they are receiving the finest possible products and services, as well as assuring them of our financial strength.

We operate a very modern recycling plant at our headquarters in Lancaster, NY which is just east of Buffalo. In addition, we have a facility in St. Louis, MO expanding our reach and allowing us to further service our customers by having multiple sources of supply and additional shipping options.


Our team of buyers provides brokerage services for other recyclers. Through our mill contacts we are always in the market to purchase metals from other dealers and have them delivered directly to consuming mills for our account.

Copper/Nickel Cathode
We can cut cathodes in either our St. Louis MO, or Lancaster, NY locations.

We have the equipment to cut copper and nickel cathodes to smaller sizes so that they can be re-melted in small furnaces that are unable to accept full plate cathode. We can supply the cathode as well as the cutting services, or we can cut your cathode down to a manageable size.

Conversion of Scrap
Manitoba Corporation has developed extensive conversion programs in which we can swap scrap for new production metals. An example of this is taking copper scrap from a wire and cable manufacturer, and returning copper rod that will be drawn into new copper wire.

There are numerous benefits to generating plants in establishing a conversion program VS. the more conventional means of disposal of scrap metals. Contact us to learn more.

Environmental Considerations
In today's world, a sense of environmental responsibility is critical for all companies, but even more so in the world of recycling. There are numerous recycling facilities around the world that have serious contamination problems due to earlier generation's lack of knowledge regarding the hazards of recycling.

Manitoba Corporation occupies facilities that have been inspected, checked, and documented to be free of environmental problems. In a proactive effort to keep them this way, we have adopted a policy of periodically using outside contractors to review our facilities and procedures.

We strive for environmental excellence and are justifiably proud of passing all vendor environmental audits since we took ownership of this property in 1990.

We have developed programs for market stabilization of prices by using hedging techniques on the Comex or LME markets to provide price stabilization for both sellers and purchasers of metals. This allows us to limit our exposure and continue providing the exceptional service our customers have come to expect in markets both high and low.

We reduce bulk shipments of metals into easy to handle smaller packages.

We package flake, chops, shot, powder, etc. into paper and cloth bags, as well as plastic or metal pails and drums.

We currently package copper, zinc, silicon, and iron. We also cut copper and nickel cathodes into smaller sizes.

Our facilities are operated in a very low cost and efficient manner. Thus we are often asked to provide low cost, labor intensive services to large industrial companies that operate with much higher costs. Some examples of our labor services are dismantlement, packaging, and processing.