Company Profile

Solomon Shine
A European immigrant born in 1870 he came to this country with next to nothing. He was unable to find work and set out to collect rags, waste paper, and metals using a pushcart he had purchased with the little money he had. He started out going door to door in various neighborhoods and eventually built the business up enough that he purchased a small shop and a horse and wagon so he could collect larger quantities. Just after World War II the need to recycle rags and paper became less prevalent and metals became the prominent material recycled. Solomon founded the company in 1916 under the name S. Shine and Son and continued to work the business until he passed away in 1948.


Nathan Shine
Solomon's son, Nathan, joined the business in 1938. He graduated from The University at Buffalo Law School in 1932 and went on to practice law for 6 years. As a lawyer during the great depression Nathan found it difficult to find work since no one had the money to hire lawyers at that time. Nathan joined the business and began working with his father in 1938 and continued to work until 1973. After the passing of his father Nathan continued to work the business by himself until he met Joseph Baker and brought him in as a partner in 1955.

Joseph Baker
Nathan Shine met Joe Baker when Joe called on him while raising money for a community project. Nathan was very impressed by Joe's skills and persistence and asked him to join the company in 1955. It was at this time that the company's name changed from S. Shine and Son to Manitoba Corporation. The name was decided on based upon the street the company operated on at the time. In addition to the name change the focus changed as well. Joe was brought in and when the focus switched to metals and it was his responsibility to help grow the business. Joe made a big impact on the business and made many friends along the way and continued to work for the business until 2006 just one day prior to his 85th birthday.

Richard Shine rshine@manitobacorp.com
Acting as the current CEO and Chief Pilot, Richard represents the third generation of the family owned business. Richard graduated from the University at Buffalo and went on active duty in the Air Force. Having piloted C-130's for the military Richard completed his tour of active duty in 1970 and had to decide whether to become a commercial pilot or join his father and Joe Baker in business. He chose the latter and is responsible for helping to grow the company into what it is today. Fortunately, he continues his first love, flying, as the company operates a Mitsubishi aircraft that allows the company the ability to get out and meet new prospects while providing exceptional service to our current customers. Richard continues to work full time and is heavily relied upon for his insight and expertise.

Brian Shine bshine@manitobacorp.com
As the current President of Manitoba, Brian represents the fourth generation of Manitoba Corporation. Brian has many responsibilities including buying and selling and overseeing much of the day-to-day operation. Brian graduated from Bowling Green State University in 1985 and joined the company two days later. Brian has been very involved in various organizations such as the University at Buffalo Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, Leadership Buffalo, Young Presidents Organization as well as countless others. Having already logged over 25 years in the business Brian has been a major contributor to the company's success and will continue to be an integral player for many years to come.